Expanded KEMA lab performs 1st-ever UHV component tests

Congratulations to DNV GL – Energy for reaching this milestone. An important contribution in the emergence of super grids. We are proud to have been involved in this €70 million multi-year investment. For more than a year we have been responsible for the technical project management. Furthermore we have contributed with expert advise. Good luck to DNV GL with this extension of its testing portfolio. For the whole article:

KMS energy academy signs partnership agreement with Knowledge Zoo

In support of a new innovative approach to improve knowledge and to increase awareness of safety related matters in the work environ-ment, KMS Energy Academy and Knowledge Zoo have decided to combine their mutual strengths.

During the last 5 years KMS Energy Academy is providing training classes on matters concerning (explosion/process) safety. In this way KMS has created a large knowledge base on safety related matters. Knowledge Zoo is helping customers, regardless the knowledge domain, with knowledge processes, process support and learning supporting tools.

The new “one-stop-shopping” proposition in the ATEX knowledge area, consists of:

  • a custom made in-house training program;
  • a follow up with an online learning environment developed by KMS Energy Academy, containing cases regarding ATEX situations in the organization;
  • implementation and support of our own knowledge capturing process;
  • the two main advantages: first by lowering the costs for improving and retaining the knowledge level. Secondly by having employees train repetitively in our online learning environment, there is less need for expensive training sessions.

With this approach, we can guarantee higher safety awareness and knowledge level during the year. Instead of a knowledge peak only after a training session, through repetitive learning again these levels are retained throughout the year.

KMS energy consultancy technical lead in High Power and High Voltage Lab project

IMG_0856In the midst of the extension of the DNVGL Kema High Voltage Laboratory in Arnhem, to become the largest HV testing facility in the world, KMS energy consultancy is appointed to take technical ownership of the Design and Engineering of a new high power and high voltage laboratory in, Brasil.

“We are extremely proud to see that the level of mutual trust is leading to an extension of our relationship into another challenging project in the summit of HV technology”, says Dominique van Suijlekom CTO of KMS energy group.

VU/VUmc extends collaboration with the KMS energy group

Foto-ATEX-training-VUmcVU/VUmc extends collaboration with the KMW energy group
In the second half of 2015 KMS energy consultancy finalized a risk assessment for the power generation department of VU/VUmc, Energiebedrijf VU/VUmc. Recently sister organization KMS energy academy was asked to develop a tailor made ATEX 137 training program for Energiebedrijf VU/VUmc.
This training program will include site specific processes, installations and regulatory information. We will enrich the training experience even further with site specific footage. Furthermore all acquired knowledge will be retained through an online learning environment in which the operators can practice real life cases with ATEX aspects in them.

KMS energy consultancy signs framework agreement with DNV GL

Logo DNV GLDNV GL and KMS energy consultancy have signed a framework agreement to provide consultancy services to support the build of additional capacity for DNV GL’s Power TIC test laboratory in Arnhem. “We are honoured and proud to be invited to contribute our expertise to this prestigous project. For us it’s another confirmation that our expertise is valued by our customers”, says Rob Mallens of KMS energy group. “The more than 15 years experience that each of our consultants brings into this project has been an important reason to set up this collaboration.”

KMS energy consultancy joins NEN Committee 310030

NEN_2767750As of April 1, KMS energy consultancy has joined the Norm Committee 310030 on Energy Efficiency & Energy Services. This committee serves as a platform for thought and information exchange between a large group of Dutch stakeholders. It’s prime area of interest are the priorities, as directed on a European level, for normalization in the area of energy efficiency and energy services. We have entered the committee to be able to influence European and Dutch decision making in the best interest of our customers. For more information you can contact Rob Mallens +31 65 345 0353.

Tailor made ATEX training program for SHELL Pernis

Pernis ATEX

SHELL has chosen KMS energy academy to provide a company specific ATEX training program for its operators at the Pernis site. ATEX derives its name from the French title of the 94/9/EC directive: Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives. As of July 2003, organizations in EU must follow the directives to protect employees from explosion risk in areas with an explosive atmosphere.

Our training program is developed in close cooperation with our partner Tauw European Consultants and Engineers. Not only will we include site specific processes, installations and regulative information, we will enrich the training experience even further with site specific footage. Furthermore all acquired knowledge will be retained through an online learning environment in which the operators practice real life cases with ATEX aspects in them.

KMS energy consultancy supports VUmc


Afbeelding VUmcKMS energy consultancy is asked by Energiebedrijf VU/VUmc to perform a risk assessment (Explosie Veiligheid Document) in those areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur. In close cooperation with our partner Van Onzen Industrial Automation we will execute this assessment in compliance to the ATEX 137 directive for existing power generation units.


Enegiebedrijf VU/VUmc provides energy for the Vrije Universiteit (VU), the Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum (VUmc) and parts of the Facilitaire Campus Organisatie of the Vrije Univesiteit.

Draft European Standard for Biomethane published for comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe European Committee for Standardization (Technical Committee) CEN/PC 408 ‘Biomethane for use in transport and injection in natural gas pipelines’ has established a draft European standard that should enable standardization of specifications for natural gas and biomethane as vehicle fuel and of biomethane for injection in a natural gas grids, including any necessary related methods of analysis and testing. Stakeholders can comment this standard until August, 1 2014.