High-Power Labarotory in Senai

As a result of our partnership with DNV GL, KMS energy consultancy is involved in the project development and advisory of a new High Power Laboratory in Senai, Brasil. To contribute to the success of this project, we analyze and check the proposals for the delivery of the special requirements of the components that will be used in the new High-Power Laboratory. These special requirements are based on the conceptual and basic design of this High-Power Laboratory made by DNV GL. The laboratory will, in the end stage have; two 15 kV generators of 2500 MVA each and step up transformers up to a maximum voltage of 145 kV. As part of the project group, our main activity is to check the final design criteria and to analyze and discuss the proposals for the construction of the primary installations.

KMS energy consultancy has also been involved in the organization of the whole project of delivering the special requirements. This support consisted of making a priority list of all items and by reducing the uncertainty concerning the earthing, details of busbar systems, disconnectors, laboratory control system etc. As almost all components used in the primary installations of a High-Power Laboratory have special requirements (because they are subjected to short-circuit conditions every day) the analysis and checking of the features of these components, can only be done by engineers that have a high level of experience and knowledge in the High Power Testing field. With Mr. P. Knol, a worldwide recognised Test Leader (more than 30 years of experience and IEC member), KMS energy consultancy is able to continuously meet the expectations of both DNV GL as well as the end customer.