Knowledge Retention

“The people are the knowledge. The knowledge goes up and down the elevator, in and out of the building. When the person is gone, the knowledge is gone”

Gerard Seijts, Professor of organizational behavior at Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ont.

Only 10% of the knowledge of your employees is acquired by following training sessions, instruction meetings, e-learning modules etc. About 70% of the obtained knowledge, is acquired by actually doing the job. Therefor it is important that this knowledge is extracted from the minds of your employees and dispersed under co-workers.


KMS energy consultancy can help you to implement a process along which your companies’ relevant knowledge is obtained from employees, assured and finally shared among the colleagues. By developing cases around the critical information (situations that are difficult, sometimes go wrong, may never go wrong or can be done better) we assure that the “practical’ or “experience based” knowledge is being obtained. These cases are then shared among colleagues who need to know this information. We present these cases to employees in an on-line learning environment, so they can acquire this knowledge everywhere at any time.


By developing company specific cases, acquired straight from the day-to day working environment of the employee, we have seen a great great, long lasting, commitment of trainees to increase their knowledge level. By focussing on the knowledge a trainee doesn’t have, or is critical for his job or himself, we are able to increase and assure the knowledge levels in a very cost effective way.


Our Knowledge Retention Solution will help you;

  • To raise and assure the average knowledge level in your organization in a cost effective way;
  • To identify talent in your organization;
  • To identify people who need extra attention;
  • To start improvement cycles in training modules, processes/procedures, policies and communication;
  • To assure that external workers work in the same way and at the same quality standards as your own staff;
  • To offer extra, formal learning (courses, tool boxes, training sessions) to employees that really need it.


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