Start-up and Operational Support

flash-505868_1920Whereas the value of the capital goods is quite high in a High Power Laboratory, it is extremely important that the group of professionals directly involved in the starting up and the running of the testing, consists of real experts.

Our main goal is to hand over tools that will result in capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using your organizational knowledge. Therefor we can support you with extensive knowledge and experience of our worldwide renowned High Power Professionals. We have developed and implemented best practice industry standards. Our consultants will enable your organization to:

  • Set-up a straight forward management system and a corresponding organizational scheme. One of the most important requirements here is, that the managers of the different sections have personal, practical experience in the field;
  • To assess and improve the competence of key persons like test engineers (TE’s). This requires dedicated training programs and regular evaluation of the competence of these professionals;
  • Develop lean business processes, which lead to a high quality standard and a controlled operational and financial performance.

In all the items mentioned above KMS energy consultancy can support your organization with consultancy, training and directly applicable Knowledge Management solutions. Our focus areas are like:

Human Resources and Knowledge Management

Search and assessment of test engineers;
Training of starting test engineers;
Training level evaluation and mentoring;
Assessment of the individual competences;
Qualification criteria based on the testing requirements;
Performance evaluation tools and knowledge sharing schemes
All items can be extended also to all other professionals directly involved, like test operators, test technicians and maintenance people.

Strategic management

Business performance evaluation and benchmarking;
Strategy evaluations and development of new strategic outlooks;
Implementation of LEAN business processes.
Applying of our methods will result in improved performance, competitive advantage, and continuous improvement of the organization and of the knowledge development.