Steam Grid Simulations

KMS energy consultancy can perform a steam grid simulation on your steam grid system. The scope of work includes the following items:

Field visit

Purpose of the field visit is to verify the location of the main relevant points in the steam grid, for a check of the estimated pipe lengths.

Static simulation model of the steam grid systems

The static simulation model will include the steam generation units and steam consumers as provided by the customer. The simulation model will include an energy balance check, to enable a validation of the simulation results. The model will show pressure, temperature and mass flow parameters at various points in the steam grid, at normal and alternative VHPS mode. The model will be made in Excel format.

Dynamic simulation of the upset cases

Based on the defined upset cases a dynamic simulation will be executed. As a result of the dynamic simulation, the pressure transients as a function of time will be generated. The temperature transients will mainly be determined by:

  • The heat losses to the environment;
  • Dynamic behavior of steam producers and injection water desuperheaters (if this dynamic behavior is known)

Parameter estimation (optional)

In case parameters are not known, a parameter estimation calculation can be executed based on available field data. If such a parameter estimation calculation is required this will be discussed on a case by case basis. This is not included in the base scope, because the amount of work required is very much situation dependent.