KMS energy academy signs partnership agreement with Knowledge Zoo

In support of a new innovative approach to improve knowledge and to increase awareness of safety related matters in the work environ-ment, KMS Energy Academy and Knowledge Zoo have decided to combine their mutual strengths.

During the last 5 years KMS Energy Academy is providing training classes on matters concerning (explosion/process) safety. In this way KMS has created a large knowledge base on safety related matters. Knowledge Zoo is helping customers, regardless the knowledge domain, with knowledge processes, process support and learning supporting tools.

The new “one-stop-shopping” proposition in the ATEX knowledge area, consists of:

  • a custom made in-house training program;
  • a follow up with an online learning environment developed by KMS Energy Academy, containing cases regarding ATEX situations in the organization;
  • implementation and support of our own knowledge capturing process;
  • the two main advantages: first by lowering the costs for improving and retaining the knowledge level. Secondly by having employees train repetitively in our online learning environment, there is less need for expensive training sessions.

With this approach, we can guarantee higher safety awareness and knowledge level during the year. Instead of a knowledge peak only after a training session, through repetitive learning again these levels are retained throughout the year.