Health, Safety & Environment

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the public is a core value of KMS energy group. We uphold this value in the same way that we ensure the quality of our work – by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our projects.

Training and focus on leading indicators are the keys to preventing accidents and incidents. Our employees receive extensive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Safety benefits the customer

We make safety a core value because it is the right thing to do. But we also know that our health, safety and environmental program benefits our customers. It:

  • Reduces costs – Our commitment reduces our customers’ labor costs and the expenses of supervising and auditing their contractor’s safety practices.
  • Lessens risk – Safer work practices lessen the probability of an incident occurring at the customer’s facility and the potential for liability.
  • Minimizes impacts – We can respond quickly in the event of a natural disaster, operational upset or unlikely construction event. Our organizations knowledge and preparedness is key to minimizing the impact of an incident.
  • Ensures peace of mind – Our customers can be confident that they have a capable, safety-focused contractor with well-trained and committed personnel on the job.

Safety is the responsibility of every employee at KMS energy group and zero incidents is our ultimate goal. Around the world, our trained personnel work to ensure the safety of themselves, their co-workers, the customer and the public.

Environmental protection is part of our corporate citizenship

KMS energy group is committed to operating our jobsites and facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is demonstrated through our environmental management program. We believe environmental responsibility goes beyond regulatory compliance; it is an integral part of our corporate citizenship. Our goal is to design and deliver projects that benefit these communities while protecting their natural resources.

Solutions for cleaner air and power and thus CO2 reduction

We’ve participated in projects aimed at meeting the world’s growing energy demand while minimizing harm to the environment. We’ve built power plants that use cleaner-burning, more efficient sources of fuel; storage tanks that incorporate patented emissions-control features. Every day, we are working on new technologies and solutions that can help our customers prevent or reduce pollution.